Woe Is the Poor Little Semicolon, but He Shall Surely Some Day Rock

I Probably Wouldn't Pick a Semicolon as My Go-To Rocker Move (probably Jimmy Page), but If It Works . . .

When I think of semicolons, I mostly think of abused children; you know the type, bruised and scared but staring you down with those little eyes saying, "Save me from this hell, you editor bastard!"

Then again, some of you miscreants might actually learn something, so I feel compelled to share this.

Party on Buckeroos; and party on, Buckeroos.

(p.s. San Diego State is the only undefeated team left in Division I basketball; of all the writing shit I can share with you today, this last is most important.)

Header logo for the Chicago Manual of Style's periodic CMOS Shop Talk feature. This week, semicolons are featured.Semicolons article by editor Russell Harper of the Chicago Manual of Style. The picture is of a spouting cartoon whale preceded in line by a semicolon.


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