Donnie Iris and Eugene Levy—Separated at Birth?

I've always found it strange that no one ever comments about the fact that Eugene Levy and Donnie Iris appear to be the same person:

A photo of Eugene Levy from the movie AMERICAN PIE.
Photo of Donnie Iris on the album cover for THE BEST OF DONNIE IRIS.
And has Eugene Levy ever been observed at a Donnie Iris show (I mean, other than performing as Donnie Iris)? Nope. Watch this whole video and you'll never once see Eugene Levy:

You also won't see a girl named Leah, either, but whatever. Explaining this is like explaining the supernatural, so I'm not overly concerned about Leah at this point. We must isolate Levy and Iris and harness their magical twin powers. Yes, the power of the doppelgänger.


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