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Tiny Flecks of Dust in Support of Your Position Do Not Make It Right—Good Usage Versus Common Usage

Being the empath I am (man, I fucking love "empath" as a noun; I also love "fucking"), most of my diatribes in this forum are about YOU, not me. I'm but a tiny speck in a giant Hoover vacuum of misguided, disgusting, facile humanity.

But I'll take a little, itsy bitsy leap and talk about myself for a bit. Actually not that—I'm going to do something really unusual and spout off about how abjectly stupid SOME of you are. Bear (not bare) with me, tools, as I'm not used to doing this (the sarcasm will be lost quickly on the brain dead; I'll guess within the first 10 comments or so).

On the interwebs, one may find evidence to support any number of bad habits. Some of you, be still my heart, have even managed to find online dictionaries to support your use of fucked-up tripe such as irregardless, could care less, and other bullshit. Somehow you've gotten it into your tiny, tiny heads (which surprisingly can contain more than a single brain cell) that you are being TOLD what to do and that you MUST do it, and therefore you must FIGHT for your write to SUCK. Guess what? You already do.

Someone even called me a Nazi recently. Quite uncreative, I might note, but also inaccurate. The word you are looking for is "Messiah."

I don't post to tell people what to do. I post to let them know what is generally accepted among professionals as correct, or in some cases, more correct (go ahead and argue that one). When they try to explain the variants, as if I'm not aware of them, it makes me beam (happy happy joy joy) like a lobotomized lizard.

So in closing, I'd like you to know that I don't give a fuck what you do. And neither will your readers.

For the smart ones to whom the foregoing (not forgoing) does not apply, my sincere apologies (also, we are meeting Saturday, same place, same time).


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