A Brief Clarification

The Observation Still Seems Salient Three Years Later

Reading Bill Walsh's obit reminded me how important it is to be kinder and gentler when playing with others:

(For those who may be wondering—no, the irony that George Bush was formerly the director of the CIA is not lost on me; not at all.)

Anyway. back to the point. In the spirit of giving, two clarifications (bonus round; yay):
  1. I do not hate sportswriters—I hate most sportswriting, a dark crevice from which seeps an unfamiliar ooze resembling English but that is truly a bastardization of language perpetrated by hacks. The only thing worse is literary fiction (see #2). 
  2. At least sports writing is not literary fiction, a bottomless dark crevasse from which weeps an all-too-familiar ooze resembling English but that is truly a bastardization of the language perpetrated by those who value MFAs over genius and technical expertise over storytelling. Literary fiction was created to reward hacks who are incapable of writing actual stories. I wish (I know—"it is my wish"—whatever) that all the literary fiction authors would become sportswriters. At least then they would have some redeeming literary content and quality to recommend them.
Uh oh, did I just slam all the literary fiction "authors"? Oops.


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