The Continuing Crisis

Along with trusting Microsoft Word's spellchecker (to the point of arguing for an incorrect spelling or usage because "Word says it's correct"), some writers adopt the odd behavior of others simply because. As is instinctual for humans, once committed to bizarreness, these chosen few refuse to adapt even in the face of facts indicating that perhaps they should reassess their position.

The author of this article picked up the affectation of crossing out his printed name when signing books, on the recommendation of a fellow author but without any logical reason for doing so. In polling a few people, more votes were cast for not doing this, and I've also never heard of any successful authors doing this. When you ask people why they do something, and their response is along the lines of "I believe" or "I heard" or "I told," you're not heading down a blind road; you're already on it.

The author's conclusion—either way is just fine.

So much for research and critical analysis.


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