Conjunctions and Prepositions

Is it OK to start a sentence with a conjunction (for, and, not, but, or, yet, so, aka FANBOYS)?

Sure. Just make sure it's necessary, as one can often get rid of the introductory conjunction with no loss of meaning. But there's no "rule" against it.

Oddly enough, this question is the one I'm asked most by strangers when they find out I'm an editor (the second-most common being, "Can I end a sentence with a preposition?"). I guess I had hoped for more. But you got's to take what's you can get's.

If you put a comma after that introductory conjunction, however, you're fucking dead to me. And I don't care about your "style" or "expression" or "dramatic pausing," you freaking poser. You wanted a rule? You can smoke that all day long, Buckeroo.


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